Our goal is to provide guidance and input for services that surround media production. We are capable of walking through existing processes, advising changes, and sharing free and/or affordable resources that can better assist both creatives and entrepreneurs through their business journey.

Primarily, we offer hands-on experience for creatives to work with organizations without the pressure of venturing through a project alone. Participants are taught traditional media fundamentals from experts in their field, and are able to shadow and partake in productions from start to finish while being paid a fair rate for their work and services.


Our 2,200 square foot office is one of the many resources we offer to our photographers and small business owners. We are capable of hosting headshot sessions, e-commerce, fashion, editorial, and lifestyle photoshoots while providing guidance through post-production as well.

Graphic Design

Whether it's building a brand or up-cycling content for social media purposes, our team of graphic designers are able to assist in defining brand messaging, process fundamentals, and providing overall value to all parties involved with our unique approach to revisions.


Pre-production. Production. Post-production. The three main stages of video project development that covers a plethora of sub-services, such as: script writing, shot list, on-site audio, lighting, editing, coloring, motions graphic, and more.

Social Media Content

We categorize social media content as its own service, as it entails various mediums to achieve diverse deliverables. Although we don't provide marketing services, our parent company instills the need to create with marketing in mind - therefore, we teach the importance of building a narrative driven mindset.

Networking Events

As a nod to our roots, we are planning to initiate a series of events called "Through the Lens". It is a networking event series to provide intimate panels through the lens of, for example, education, women's leadership, online marketing, etc. Our shooting space would become the stage as we host these events to encourage networking and opportunities.

Project Consulting

Project consulting can also be implemented as project management. Having a project manager to keep agendas and timelines organized is crucial to creating consistency across client work. Our team is able to advise and assist with this process from start to end.

San Antonio Office

816 Camaron St, Ste 249,
San Antonio, TX 78212

(210) 840-2019

Office Hours

Monday - Friday

9am to 6pm

By Appointment

We practice the lessons we teach. All assets under the brand of Startup Productions is self made, affordable, or from free platforms all together. Doing the most with the least is a skill on its own. 

Therefore, we're "Minimalism Optimized".


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